Philosophy of Dr. Harvey Finkelstein MD

philisophyAt the Pain Care Medicine of Long Island clinic, Dr. Harvey Finkelstein and his team take a holistic approach to patient treatment. They view each of their patients as individuals and try to identify the most appropriate care for them. During the intake appointments, they listen to the patient complaints, do a full physical exam and evaluate the overall needs being presented.

They limit medication as much as possible to focus on using nerve blocks that are correctly placed and expertly administered, good nutrition, exercise, physical therapy and home stretching and exercise programs. Medications are used only as needed to help the patient to achieve a life style in which the patient’s pain is manageable.

The practice offers spinal cord stimulation implant therapy, implantable pain medication pumps, radiofrequency thermal lesioning of painful peripheral nerves and facet (neck, thorax and lumbar spine joints).

Recently, the practice has gained expertise and interest in the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for painful joints and ligament disorders.

The Office of Dr. Harvey Finkelstein