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painStaff at the Pain Care Medicine of Long Island believes in treating each patient as an individual and a whole person. This means many things. There is no one treatment or injection that will treat all kinds of pain. Dr. Harvey Finkelstein conducts a full intake, evaluating the patient’s complaints and needs and performing a full physical exam.

Dr. Finkelstein and his staff try as much as possible to limit medication. They implement a program that combines correctly-placed nerve block treatments with good nutrition and exercise. They also use physical therapy to get the patient’s pain under control. While medications are certainly used, they are introduced as conservatively as possible and only as needed to help the patient to become as pain-free as possible.

The patient at the Pain Care Medicine of Long Island clinic is not a symptom. Every patient deserves a doctor who will listen to their needs and their complaints; someone who will familiarize themselves with the patient’s individual problems. With this philosophy and outlook, they can diagnose the patient’s pain and start a proper treatment plan.

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Finkelstein brings a wealth of both professional knowledge and experience in treating his patients.

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